Because Clean is a Great Feeling!
Serving Lawrence, KS

We are dedicated to being more than just an employer. We are committed to improving the lives of our team members and those in the communities where we operate

Some of our key initiatives:

In Brasil

  • Employ 70% women in our workforce
  • Achieve a minimum of 50% Amazonians in the workforce
  • Paid completion of GED equivalency for any employee
  • Free, paid English courses for all employees
  • Donation of product to local churches and homeless shelters for micro-business opportunities
  • Donation of all supplies for local elementary school

In India

  • Employ 70% women in our workforce
  • Paid GED Equivalency coursework
  • Providing extra food daily to workers for family members
  • Employing local villagers in water conservation programs, providing jobs as well as clean water and community preservation
  • Support of local school with textbooks and materials
  • Provide uniforms for children of our workers