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Spot Removal Guide

Clean Up Carpet Spots Like a Pro

While we would love to sell you some of our great spot cleaning products, chances are, you may not need them. What follows are spot removal recipes that we have learned over the years. Most of these are simple, non-toxic ingredients that you probably have around the house. They contain very little in the way of harsh chemicals or soaps. They will not leave residues and are safe to humans and animals. They should work on 90% of the stains you encounter.

Pre-mix and pre-test these formulas! Apply to a remnant or the back corner of a closet and wait 24 hours to see if there are any adverse reactions. Contact Basic Carpet Care today!

Method A

Apply the formula directly to the stain using a trigger sprayer. Agitate or blot lightly* and allow 5 minutes dwell-time. If possible, rinse with a home extractor such as a Bissell or Hoover Machine or similar unit using hot water only with NO cleaner or chemical in the unit. Follow the outlined method and then rinse using the extractor. This method is ideal and will help you achieve optimum results.

Method B

Apply the formula directly to the stain using a trigger sprayer. Agitate lightly* and allow 5 minutes dwell-time. Blot the stained area with a clean white or light colored cotton/terry material. Afterward rinse with plain water on a cloth or sprayed from a bottle.

Formula 1

  • Two to four ounces clear non-sudsy ammonia
  • Water
In a one-quart size spray bottle add ammonia and fill the remainder of bottle with water. Use this formula for most food and beverage stains and mystery stains.

Formula 2

  • Two to four ounces of distilled white vinegar
  • Water
In a one-quart size spray bottle add white vinegar and fill the remainder of bottle with water. Use this formula for coffee or tea, pet stains, blood and plant stains.

Mineral Spirits

These items are available at any hardware store, paint store, or home center. This is a mild solvent that will not harm your carpet as long as you do not pour it directly on the carpet. Apply it to a cloth first and then blot or dab at the spot. Switch to a clean, dry cloth to absorb the remainder of the spot. Follow up with FORMULA 1 to get out the remaining mineral spirits residue. Use this formula for cosmetics, grease, tar, oil spots and fresh ink spots.

Hydrogen Peroxide (Do Not Use Wool)

Hydrogen peroxide can be applied to stubborn coffee, tea, urine and yellow plant spots after attempting the appropriate formula above. After the carpet has dried completely, spray hydrogen peroxide in enough quantity to get the stained area uniformly wet, then leave it alone overnight The peroxide will have a mild bleaching effect. Not enough to remove color from the carpet, but strong enough to fade any remaining yellowing from it. This also sometimes works on many light mold and mildew stains.

OxiClean (Sodium Percarbonate) (Do Not Use Wool)

Oxy-Clean produces excellent results, but be careful! If you mix it even in slightly stronger proportion than that mentioned in the instructions, it will bleach color from some carpets! It works best for food and beverage stains, particularly coffee, tea, and wine. It is also very good for pet stains. Do a follow up rinse with FORMULA 2 (vinegar/water - see above) to neutralize any bleaching action.
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